2019 Scenic Photos (new gallery)

This year started off with photos of local scenery around the Rogue Valley and the southern Oregon coast, then some great trips to Bolinas, California and Sequim, Washington were added.  My return trip to Oregon from Sequim involved driving down the coast during a major storm.  A few images from these events are included.  Finally in December, a Mavic Mini drone was added to the camera gear, and some images from this are also included.

A new enhanced photo gallery has been added, one that supports mobile devices better than before, and at the same time allows better photo displays on desktop/laptop computers.  You should find this a better format, and I hope to start backfilling the previous Scenic Photos  with the new format soon.  A note to smartphone users… you should be able to advance the photos by swiping sideways now… which should make things much easier.

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