Digital Photography Review
The photographer’s bible source.  Quite simply the best photography site on the web.


Brammo Electric Motorcycles
Makers of the best Electric Motorcycles anywhere in the world.  If you have never tried an electric motorcycle before, be prepared to be blown away.  These bikes perform as well as their gas brothers… even better in many cases.  Add on top of that the green factor, low cost of ownership (~ 1 penny a mile)… and you have something that is pure gold.


Adventure Cycling
Adventure Cycling started out as Bikecentennial in the mid-1970’s to promote bicycle touring.  They’ve grown considerably, and offer bicycle tours that life-long memories are made of.


Sea Kayaker Magazine
My love of kayaking (especially sea-kayaking) is found here.  Good stories, places to go, and with paddling tips and techniques… great stuff!


Cornflower Music
Cornflower makes some of the most interesting and wonderful music – almost impossible to categorize, but lovely, intriguing and amazing – his live performances are exceptionally engaging.


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