Beautifulvista was made to show great things in life.  It originally started as a bicycle ride web site for El Dorado County (in California – between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe).  In 2008 I’ve moved to southern Oregon… that with my increased interest in Photography, the web site started to evolve.  The love for bicycling is still there, but the focus of the web site is now photography – with some extras for bicycling, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

All photos on this web site (with the exception of the Brammo photos) are copyrighted by Beautifulvista LLC.  Please contact me if you wish to use any of these photos… many have in the past… and its generally a delight to see how they will be used.  Some photos are free to use.  The Brammo photos (even though I took the photos) are the property of Cummins, Inc. (Cummins acquired Brammo in 2017).

If you’d like to use the photos from this site, or would like to just contact me in general, please email me at:  crlee@beautifulvista.com

Charles Lee

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