2019 Scenic Photo Gallery (new!)

After spending almost a week looking at various Photo Galleries as a way to display photos here at Beautifulvista, it was decided on two different programs.  One (Modula) will be used for Scenic Photos as it does an incredible job showing high resolution photos both on PCs/Macs and mobile devices.  The second (GMedia) does a great job of presenting an automated slideshow which is great for the “Family and Friends” section.  The combination of the two programs will make for a much better experience with those who visit here. 

Please note that only the 2019 Scenic Photo Gallery has been updated so far, not the other years yet.  As for the Family and Friends Galleries… the 2018 and 2019 have been updated at this point, but nothing prior to that at this point.  A lot of work to do… but it will be great in the long run.

Finally, thought it would be nice to post something fun… this time of the Canadian Geese in a synchronized flight… 

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