From Spring into Summer…

Living in the Rogue Valley (Southern Oregon) the weather here is generally mild… we get only about 20 inches of rain a year, and the weather resembles more that of California than what most people think of Oregon.  Nature can pull a few surprises though… and this late Spring weather contained a few, mainly in the way of thunderstorms.

While thunderstorms tend to be brief in regards to rain, they can sometimes stall or move very slowly, and if you happen to be in their target, it can be a torrential downpour.  Such was the case the last week of Spring.  We had one storm pause over us and dump rain to the point that caused some damage in our garage due to water spilling in.  Fortunately, the damage was relatively small (though we’ll have to get some repairs done).  On the good side, it left us with one of the most beautifully intense rainbows I’ve ever seen.

View looking southeast from our home after the thunderstorm had passed. This is a very wide-angle view (15mm lens setting).

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