New camera added…

My main lens (a Canon 24-105L mm zoom lens) after 5 years of use, stopped working a few weeks ago and was sent in for repairs.  Of course while it was in for repairs, all kinds of photo opportunities showed up and I found myself really missing not being able to use a lens in the normal range (about 90% of the photos I take).  As a result, I decided to get a “bridge” camera… something above the normal compact/consumer cameras, but not as expensive as professional DSLRs (which would break the budget).  I ended up getting the Panasonic Limux FZ1000.

First impressions of the new camera are very positive.  The camera starts up fast, focuses incredibly fast, has good resolution… and mot of all can take 4k video (30fps) where each and every frame can be extracted as an 8 Megapixel photograph.  For sports and wildlife photography, this is a godsend.  No more missed opportunities… well… for the most part.  The images extracted are surprisingly good quality and have none of the video degredation that is normally seen with video captures (I always found them to be exceptionally soft and with a look that the photo was taken through a plastic window).  I’ve put an example below… still learning the process (i.e. I could have used a higher shutter speed on the video)… but it should give you the idea.

It’s a sea-change that’s coming to photography.

– Charles

A 4k video clip (and cropped on top of that!) from the new camera.

A 4k video clip extract (and cropped on top of that!) from the new camera.


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