Very brief break in the weather!

Rogue Valley (between Ashland and Medford)

We had probably one of the briefest breaks in the weather this morning that I can remember.  It started off with overnight freezing fog (our front gate was frozen shut).  When the fog finally cleared over our house, I was able to get this quick flight in with the Mavic Mini… and within five minutes heavy winds arrived and had to return.  Interesting that the drone encountered the winds first at 200 feet elevation about 2-3 minutes before it was felt at the surface.  Now we have a full scale storm coming in.  No snow yet…

BTW… I am experimenting with a new slideshow format.  You can see it in the “Family and Friends” section for 2018 and 2019 years.  Hopefully this will work out.  If successful, I’ll carry it over to the Scenic Photos soon.

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